Granger’s Training

Designed and developed an online training programme for Granger’s International

Granger’s approached us with a problem and we worked with them to come up with a solution. Their issue was that they were expanding into new markets in countries they hadn’t traded in before. In Germany they had recently starting stocking in multiple retailers and needed a way to train the retailers employees about their products.

We worked with them to come up with a solution that awarded employees who completed their training with free outdoor products. The employee creates an account on our system then takes various online courses, they then answer questions based on this quiz and if correct are awarded points, they then use these points to claim prizes, the more points they accumulate the better the prize they can claim.

It’s a win win situation, the employee gets some amazing free products whilst absorbing vital information about Granger’s products that they can then relay to potential customers in their stores.

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